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N951 16 Gauge 1/2 in. Medium Crown Stapler
N951 16 Gauge 1/2 in. Medium Crown Stapler

N951 16 Gauge 1/2 in. Medium Crown Stapler


N951 16GA Medium Crown Stapler

WEIGHT:2.40kgs(5.34lbs) Aluminum body

DIMENSIONS:360mm x 76mm x 254mm


OPERATING PRESSURE:70-120psi(5-8.3bar)

Model: N951


Code: FDJ-N951

Weight: 2.40kgs (5.34lbs)

Operating Pressure: 70-120psi (5-8.3bar)

Load Capaity: 150 pcs

Fasteners Applicable: 16 Gauge 1/2 in. Medium Crown Staple

N951 16 Gauge 1/2 in. Medium Crown Stapler

● Tool-free adjustable depth of drive.

● Tool-free jam clearance - Easy access to quickly clear the nose in case of a jam.

● Aluminum magazine and housing for long term durability.

● Clear jammed nails easily with cam-lock.

● Adjustable exhaust valve.

● Rubberized handle for better fit and added comfort.

● Cylinder valve firing mechanism provides a quick response

● High capacity magazine holds 150 staples, allowing for fewer replenishments.

QQ截图20220726100155.jpg图片1.png16 Gauge 1/2 in. Medium Crown Staple

Staples Shank Diameter:0.063" x 0.055" (1.6mm x 1.4mm)

Staple Crown:1/2"(12.5mm)

Staples Length:1"(25mm)-2"(50mm)

 More powerful and light weight.

 Tool free depth adjustable.

 Quick release latch for easy jamming clearing.

 Durable safety with Aluminum magazine.

 Depth adjustment engineered for more precise flush and countersink finish

Wall sheathing and sub flooring.

Roofing decking.

Furniture frames.

Plywood frame assembly.

Crate and box assembly and vinyl siding.


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