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Panel furniture accessories? Development history of furniture hardware accessories?

A small accessory plays a very big role, just like a screw on the cabinet. If one is missing, the cabinet will be very unstable. Panel furniture accessories? Let's get to know. I believe the following introduction can be helpful to your problem!

Panel furniture accessories

1. Lock interlocking in multi drawer cabinets, a kind of interlocking system, also known as central locking system, is often used. It uses a plurality of brake pins on the guide rail to lock each drawer respectively, and uses only one lock head to lock multiple drawers at a time. There are two installation forms of interlocking, namely: (1) the lock head is on the front of the drawer, and the guide rail is installed on the side plate; (2) The lock head and the guide rail are installed on the side plate at the same time.

2. Connectors: there are many kinds of connectors, including eccentric connectors, screw connectors, plug-in connectors, etc. Eccentric connectors are widely used. They are suitable for industrialized and efficient production, firmly connected, and can be disassembled and assembled at will and quickly without affecting the original appearance. They are mainly suitable for panel furniture. The eccentric connector is mainly composed of eccentric tensioner (eccentric), connecting rod (bolt) and embedded parts (expansion bolt). The pull rod has a straight connecting rod and an angle connecting rod.

3. Hinges: there are many kinds of hinges, including hinges, door head hinges, glass door hinges, cup-shaped concealed hinges, special hinges, etc. they are mechanical devices used to connect two solids and allow rotation between them. Hinges are made of movable components or foldable materials. The hinge is divided into full cover and half cover. The inlay is determined according to the side plate of the cabinet, and the thickness of the side plate is generally 16-18mm. The concealed hinge is divided into two parts: the base and the buckle. According to the bending arc of the buckle, it is divided into three types: straight arm concealed hinge, small curved arm concealed hinge and large curved arm concealed hinge, which are suitable for full cover doors, half cover doors and recessed doors respectively.

4. Slide rails: the most commonly used slide rails in furniture are drawer guide rails and door slides. In addition, there are disc rotation devices for TV cabinets, dining tables, ring bottom paths for roller shutter doors, and joint devices of hinges and slides.

5. Position holding device and height adjustment device

6. Supporting parts: supporting parts are mainly used to support furniture components, such as laminate support, laminate support, glass laminate pin, clothes stick seat, etc.

7. Handle: handle plays an important decorative role in furniture, and its forms and varieties are various. According to different materials, there are metal handles (zinc alloy handles, copper handles, iron handles, aluminum handles, stainless steel handles), marble handles, plastic handles, solid wood handles, ceramic handles, etc; According to different installation positions, there are drawer handles, cabinet door handles, glass door handles, etc.

8. Casters: casters are often installed at the bottom of cabinets and tables to facilitate the movement of furniture. According to different connection methods, it can be divided into flat seat type, screw thread type and bolt type.

Development history of furniture hardware accessories

1. Chinese traditional furniture originally did not need furniture hardware accessories. All functions were based on wood structure. Metal was only used in furniture as a decoration in ancient times. Until the Qingming Dynasty, metal realized simple functions in furniture (mainly wooden boxes, cabinet locks, edging, hinges, etc.)., In the 1980s, panel furniture was introduced into China from the west, and furniture hardware accessories began to be widely used in furniture. After nearly 30 years of development, the role of furniture hardware accessories in furniture has become more and more important, and people's attention to the quality of furniture has gradually shifted from panel and environmental protection to hardware accessories.

2. With the development of modern and personalized furniture in recent years, people's demand for furniture has gradually shifted from the most primitive storage function to the experience demand for exquisite life, and these experiences are directly felt from furniture hardware accessories. Therefore, in the future, furniture hardware accessories will become the most critical factor in the overall quality of furniture.

Through the above introduction, for panel furniture accessories? Development history of furniture hardware accessories? Do you know more about it? I hope the following introduction can help you. Although the accessories mentioned above are a small thing, their role can be said to be very large.