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Hartco clinch Clips M85
Hartco clinch Clips M85

Hartco clinch Clips M85


DESIGNED to attach paper wrapped wire to your sofa chair or other furniture seat springs to create one uniform platform and improve durability over time.

EASY INSTALLATION: Take the wire and place it on the spring location you want to fasten together. Place the clip over the wire and spring and use pliers or clip tools to pinch the clip closed bending the two ends down.


Replacement stay wire and mattress spring manufacture.

Clips your stay wire to your car seat, springs mattress and wire cage etc.

Perfect for repairing your furniture as well, stay wire also available.

Hartco clinch Clips M85

Types: Strip and roll clips.

Fitting Places: Car seat, sofa base, sofa Back

Surface: Galvanized, HDG,EG



● Good corrosion resistance.

● Good price.

● Durable & sturdy.

● High quality.


Bright Finish

Bright fasteners have no coating to protect the steel and are susceptible to corrosion if exposed to high humidity or water. They are not recommended for exterior use or in treated lumber, and only for interior applications where no corrosion protection is needed. Bright fasteners are often used for interior framing, trim and finish applications.


Electro Galvanized (EG)

Electro Galvanized fasteners have a very thin layer of Zinc that offers some corrosion protection. They are generally used in areas where minimal corrosion protection is needed such as bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that are susceptible to some water or humidity. Roofing nails are electro galvanized because they are generally replaced before the fastener begins to wear and are not exposed to harsh weather conditions if installed properly. Areas near the coasts where salt content in rain water is higher should consider a Hot Dip Galvanized or Stainless Steel fastener. 


Stainless Steel (SS)

Stainless steel fasteners offer the best corrosion protection available. The steel may oxidize or rust over time but it will never lose its strength from corrosion. Stainless Steel fasteners can be used for exterior or interior applications and generally come in 304 or 316 stainless steel. 

1. Pocket spring mattress

2. Spring sofa

4. Car seat, Automatic seat

5. Pet cage, Chicken cage

6. Outdoor-net, Outdoor cage, Outdoor industry etc. 


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